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Scientific mapping of stem cells associated with Chagas disease : A bibliometric analysis

The objective is to map the scientific publications of research involving stem cells associated with Chagas disease. We used bibliometric and social network analysis techniques to analyze scientific data collected in the Web of Science. Most of the articles were published in 2014 and 2015. The organizations and authors with the largest number of publications and research collaborations are located in america, specifically in Brazil and the United States, which are responsible for 62% of all publications. FIOCRUZ, UFRJ, and Hospital São Rafael together account for approximately 55% of the studies related to stem cells associated with Chagas disease. Most of the studies focus on developing new strategies for treating Chagas disease using stem cells. This suggests that the research agenda in this area is still under development, highlighting the importance of continuing to pursue existing research avenues and expanding the range of strategies for the treatment of the disease.

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  • Santos, Jânio Rodrigo de Jesus
  • Jesus, Carlos Augusto Francisco de
  • Pinto, Cláudio Damasceno