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Duration of post-vaccination immunity to yellow fever in volunteers eight years after a dose-response study

In 2009, Bio-Manguinhos conducted a dose-response study with the yellow fever vaccine, administering the vaccine in the usual mean dose of 27,476 IU (full dose, reference) and in tapered doses (10,447 IU, 3013 IU, 587 IU, 158 IU, and 31 IU) by the usual subcutaneous route and usual volume (0.5 mL). Tapered doses were obtained by dilution in the manufacturer’s laboratory, and the test batches presented industrial quality. Doses down to 587 IU showed similar immunogenicity to the full dose (27,476, reference), while the 158 IU and 31 IU doses displayed lower immunogenicity. Seropositivity was maintained at 10 months, except in the group that received the 31 IU dose. The current study aims to determine whether yellow fever seropositivity was maintained eight years after YF vaccination in non-revaccinated individuals. According to the current study’s results, seropositivity was maintained in 85% of 318 participants and was similar across groups. The findings support the use of the yellow fever vaccine in fractional doses during outbreaks, but each fractional dose should have at least 587 IU. This study also supports the minimum dose required by WHO, 1000 IU.

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  • Martins, Reinaldo de Menezes
  • Maia, Maria de Lourdes S.
  • Lima, Sheila Maria Barbosa de
  • Noronha, Tatiana Guimarães de
  • Xavier, Janaina Reis
  • Camacho, Luiz Antonio Bastos
  • Albuquerque, Elizabeth Macielde
  • Farias, Roberto Henrique Guedes
  • Castro, Thalitada Matta de
  • Homma, Akira