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Perceptions of Human Tuberculosis Vaccine: The Fiocruz Latest Contribution

As globally reported, tuberculosis (TB) is a major cause of illness and death worldwide, with increased burden mainly in developing countries. The Stop TB Partnership goals embrace dropping the global TB burden by half in 2015 and eliminating TB as a public health problem by 2050. As an ancient microbe highly adapted to the host, Mycobacterium tuberculosis infects humans through an oral route. TB can be caught by persons that inhale droplets containing the bacteria when an infected person coughs or sneezes. But the majority of these infected subjects will remain asymptomatic. In fact, this huge reservoir is blamed for the TB burden mainly in developing countries, causing the global resurgence of TB, which is further fueled by the HIV pandemic and the rise of M. tuberculosis multi (MDR)-, extremely (XDR)-, and totally (TDR)-drug resistant strains.

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  • Antas, Paulo R. Z.