Evaluation of research in context: an approach and two cases


Science is increasingly heterogeneous, posing new questions for research evaluation. How can we evaluate the between scientific and societal quality of research, taking into account differences between research fields and between research groups? In this paper we present the findings of two case studies in fields where societal and scholarly output of research are highly intertwined (architecture and law). We analyze the nature of the two fields in terms of research areas and specific aspects of knowledge dynamics. This results in an approach and indicators for contextual research evaluation.

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Oxford University Press
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Stefan P L de Jong
Pleun van Arensbergen
Floortje Daemen
Barend van der Meulen
Peter van den Besselaar

JONG, Stefan P. L. de et al. Evaluation of research in context: an approach and two cases. Research Evaluation, v.20, n.1, p. 61-72, mar. 2011.

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